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Last updated on October 21, 2019

The truth is, no matter how good your product or service is, it will not sell itself.

The ‘build it and they will come’ strategy is not something that you would want to base the growth of your business on.

No matter how good something is, it still has to be sold. 

It you were selling a $200K Mercedes Benz AMG S 65 for $10K, people would think that’s too good to be true and many would not take you up on the offer. But, if the sales message gave a good reason why, the chance of selling this would be much higher.

In a previous article (called how to reverse engineer and offer)  I spoke about the red ocean vs blue ocean. This is a concept you really need to understand because you can use your sales message to position yourself outside of the red ocean, where there’s much less competition.

Most businesses  create their website first before properly planning out their story, offer, and exactly who they want target. These are vital building blocks you need absolute clarity around.

A big problem we see is that so many people leave the website structure and general content, up to the web designer, or they try to attempt this themselves (or get a brothers cousins son who did a web design class at school…) to save a few dollars.

Web Designers Are Not Marketers

Web designers are generally what the name says – they are designers, and not marketers. Their job is to produce something that looks good, and you get all these warm fuzzies when you see the finished website for the first time, get launched onto the internet, ready have the world beat a path to your door.

We see clients sites everyday and majority of them have the same issues – no strong or compelling offer, they don’t have a central idea, the sales copy is weak, and the websites are difficult to navigate…

The first thing that needs to be created is the sales message. You start to test this message by getting it in front of your target market. Once you find a message that resonates,, then you create your offer.

Who Are You Wanting To Connect With?

You may have multiple customer profiles and as part of creating the sales message so  you need WHO you are trying to connect with.

– Who are you talking to?

– What keeps them up at night?

– What do they worry about?

– What have they tried before?

– What big objections do they have to overcome?

– What motivates them?

– What are they deeply afraid of? 

Marketing is a very deep subject because it’s part science and part art. There is no one way that will be effective for everyone.

The people you are targeting all have different sets of beliefs and desires which are deeply embedded in their brains.

Effective marketing is all about the brain. It has to elicit certain things to fire off the brain. Serotonin (seeking status, to be part of something), dopamine (the distraction chemical looking for it’s next hit) and oxytocin (makes us feel safe, connected and want to procreate)…these are some of the most powerful and pleasurable chemicals’ our body naturally produces.

Woah, what the h%ll am I talking about here! 

In case you couldn’t tell, I love this stuff. This kind of information is gleaned from studying the top of the top marketers in the world, I’ve invested heavily and been involved in the digital marketing world for well over 10 years now and stay with me because learning and applying this material will make all the difference.

The best type of marketing taps into our deepest desires and emotions. This demonstrates to your prospects you know their problems better than they know them themselves. You know what keeps them awake and what makes them tick. 

Let’s keep moving…

The ‘Connection’ Framework

Here is a little framework that really helps when getting clarity around your sales and marketing messages, so they hit the mark.

V = Vehicle

I = Internal beliefs

E = External beliefs

This is the order of the ‘domino’s’ that you have to knock down to keep moving prospects along. If you don’t fulfill anyone one of these, you will not make a sale. 

The vehicle is what you’re offering to get them to the promised land or end result. Our vehicle at Konnector is coaching and support. What’s your vehicle to get people to their desired outcome?

Once you have clearly identified your vehicle, what currently held beliefs do they hold about this particular vehicle?

This is where we address the Internal Beliefs.

Let’s use our coaching and support vehicle as an example again. What internal beliefs do our target prospects currently have regarding this vehicle?

  • I’ve tried coaching before and it did not work
  • Maybe I can work this out myself
  • I know enough to get by
  • I can find information on the internet for free
  • They might think that a marketing campaign is just about setting up some ads

Once we have created a list of these internal beliefs, we then need to identify the External Beliefs (outside forces).

  • I love the idea of coaching but don’t have the time to dedicate to it
  • I don’t have the money to waste on advertising
  • I don’t have the right staff to pull this off

We need to break the chains between these false beliefs, and change the stories that they are telling themselves. If you don’t break these chains, you’ll never convince people to follow you.

The only way to break these chains is to tell them your story, and if your story trumps their story, your story becomes theirs.

The story has to start by connecting with where they currently are, then take them on a journey.  

Let’s use an example to illustrate this.

Let’s pick the “I can find information on the internet for free’ belief and turn this around.


…so you may be sitting there thinking that you can find all the information you need for free on the internet. But information alone is never the answer. 

We are surrounded with an avalanche of books, audio books, podcasts, online training programs, you name it…yet we speak to overwhelmed and frustrated professionals every day. 

They are drowning in information, their inbox is jammed full, but they can’t get any traction to create an effective marketing system to systematically grow their business.

They’re stuck in a continuous cycle of wasting time and money on the wrong things, which creates even more stress and overwhelm.

They don’t need more information. What they need is clarity, direction and accountability…and that’s what we provide.

At Konnector, in our first strategy session together, we clearly identify the resources you have available so we can create a strategy and plan that is perfect for you, and not just some pipe dream.

If you have the time, then we can show you exactly what you need to do. If you have more money than time, we can connect you with partners from our little black book, who can execute things on your behalf. 

I worked with plenty of agencies and if you’re thinking of going down this route, they can cost anywhere from $5K to +$50K. Just because you pay a lot of money, your success is not guaranteed. 

We speak to hundreds of business owners and professionals who’ve wasted thousands because they were promised the world and the reality was very different. Often they pay for these services then have nothing left to actually spend on advertising – that’s marketing malpractice.

Having been deep within digital marketing for well over 10 years, we know what businesses are begging for. 

We identified a gap in the market and know exactly how it feels to be in this situation where you fully understand that you need help, but you have a tight budget. Highly skilled employees or expensive agencies are out of the picture. 

People are way too busy wearing so many hats. Specialising in one area of marketing alone can be a full time job learning Facebook ads, Google ads, content creation, copywriting, video production and editing…

End of example >>>


Is this starting to sink in? Can you see how it applies to your business and what has been missing from your sales messages?

You need to have a single core message around your sales argument, and when you win the mind of the prospect where they believe that you have the answer, all the other concerns disappear. 

You can back up your story by telling others stories (testimonials and case studies) to show how your product or service has impacted them and their lives.

What’s The Fastest Way To

Start Sharing Your Story?

You can start today knowing that by continually taking consistent action, your confidence will grow, and you will get more positive momentum when you are start see results. Start by taking ‘imperfect’ action which will create a starting point to base your improvements upon.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Grab your phone, start recording your story. Post it on Facebook because right now you will have the least amount of followers that you will ever have.

Don’t think that as soon as you post out your video on Facebook the world will see it. Those days are long gone. Only a fraction of your connections or followers will see it.

As you build up your consistency, increase your number of followers, and get more engagement, only then will you start to get in front of more people.

If you need help to get clarity and direction with creating your marketing strategy and advertising campaigns, book in a free 20 minute call.

We can talk about what you want to achieve, then give you some advice about the best approach to take. If we can help further – great – if not – we can point you in the right direction.


About the Author

Clint has over 15 years of digital experience. He's passionate about digital marketing and on a continual quest, searching for the best tactics and strategies, to help businesses find clarity and direction to grow their businesses.

Clint Gray