An Interview With Rebecca Caroe

Last updated on October 29, 2019

Rebecca Caroe is a direct response marketing and new business development specialist. In her 25+ year career, she has helped CEOs and business owners learn ways to win new clients with persistence, diligence and flashes of inspiration.

Online marketing is fraught with danger when not executed correctly and it is an ever changing game.

We had a fantastic varied discussion in this interview covering off topics from the latest tools and updates to get your brand out in the market (including Facebook Live), the importance of personal brand in today’s market and Rebecca gave her top 5 (well actually 6 because she always like to over deliver) top tips for B2B marketing)

Watch the replay of the live Interview with Rebecca:

Rebecca’s B2B Marketing essential tactical moves which are perennial (Timestamp in the video 18:25 – 20:24)

  1. Database of customers and prospects
  2. Regular communications to customers on the database
  3. Trade Shows and meet ups where you can get face to face with prospects
  4. Use of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
  5. pick up speaking gigs at conferences and in PR for the trade press
  6. Membership of Trade organisations that are highly relevant to your target market

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He has grown a business from scratch to a $5mill+ turnover in a little over 3yrs. Worked in both SMB and corporate environments and understands what is needed to get things done in both environments.

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