Art Green on Growing a Business Using Influencer Marketing

Last updated on October 21, 2019

Interview: Art Green on Life as an Influencer and growing his Clean Food based businesses.

Art Green is still best known for his breakout role as New Zealand’s first Bachelor on the hit reality TV series.

He has had a very interesting and varied life but always fallen back on fitness and clean food and paleo based diets working with his fitness clients. We look at his early years, influencers and challenges launching and growing three very successful companies all in the food industry which is incredibly cut-throat. 

Working as a fitness instructor for miners in Western Australia Art started researching and experimenting with diet as a way to enrich the miners lives and improve overall health.

Stunned by the success he became a massive advocate for the paleo lifestyle.

He couldn’t resist the opportunity to join a new company founded by a couple of old mates and not long after found success and love on NZ’s The Bachelor TV Show.

Watch the replay of the live Interview with Art:

 In this interview we discuss the highs and lows of a life in the public eye, the responsibility that comes with the role of an ‘Influencer’, the challenges and wins he has had in launching 3 businesses and some great tips for burgeoning entrepreneurs. 




About the Author

Glenn is the founder of Konnector and has an incredibly strong background in digital strategy as well as achieving and managing growth.

He has grown a business from scratch to a $5mill+ turnover in a little over 3yrs. Worked in both SMB and corporate environments and understands what is needed to get things done in both environments.

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