What’s The Difference Between A Boosted Post and a Facebook Ad?

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Last updated on October 22, 2019

Is a boosted post the same as an ad?

No – a boosted post is very different, when compared to creating an ad within the Ads Manager.

If you thought a benefit of using boosted ads is that you can boost a post on your page, you can do the same thing (but much better) by creating an ad using an existing post through the Ads Manager.


The benefit of using an existing post is you can leverage the engagement (likes, comments & shares), which is known as Social Proof.

Please note: When you create ads within the Ads Manager, using a traffic or page post engagement objective for example, Facebook will send you a confirmation notification that says you have successfully boosted your post – although you did not boost a post – hence the confusion.

Want To Invest The Same Amount And

Get A Lot Less In Return?

A boosted post gives you a lot less options when setting up the boost. It still costs the same amount of money but with a lot less control. 

You can have success using boosted posts but the big problem is you can not set any conversion objectives (super important) or set a proper budget. If a boosted post was successful, it would be very hard to scale.

Boosted posts are a blanket, non-targeted approach, which Facebook has made very easy to entice people to use them.

You simply do not learn much from boosted posts and if you have followed my other articles, advertising is all about buying data. Boosted posts are literally only giving you part of the picture, which is a waste of money.

Why Do Facebook Offer Boosted Posts?

Facebook wanted to offer a super simple way for people who have little to no experience running ads on Facebook. It is a starting point for many but they never venture further to learning about how to setup and runs ads using the Ads Manager. 

Advertising allows you to work towards creating a business attraction and expansion lever. Where you test, create and mould a winning campaign over time, one that you can rely on to bring in new business.

Advertising is a skill worthy of your time and dedication. So next time you feel enticed to hit that boost button, stop for a second, and understand the greater plan in play.

Take the time to create not just a Facebook campaign, but a business growth and advertising strategy that becomes your game plan to navigate the world of advertising using the right blend of creativity and science.

When investing in advertising you want to get the maximum amount of information and data in return. Don’t cut yourself off short by using the boost button! 

If you need help to get clarity around your advertising strategy, we can help create a step by step plan that is right for your business. Book in a free 20 minute brainstorming session to give you the clarity you’re looking for.

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