Facebook Power 5 Method

Last updated on June 10, 2020

Want to get better results by doing less?

The big promise of the Power 5 Method is that “the days of manually hacking your way to ad success are no more…”

The Power 5 has been created by Facebook to reveal the best testing, scaling and automation methods from very successful companies like Hello Fresh and the Dollar Shaving Club. 

Marketers were hitting ROI ceilings and demanded more ways to be able to achieve higher returns. Automation through the Power 5 was created as a solution to this. You do need to have a good understanding of advertising fundamentals for using the Facebook ad platform.

The thought of automation can get people very excited with the promise of being able to get better results by doing less.

I see tonnes of posts from people saying that this automation will transform their businesses, but most of them are lacking in the skills to pull this off.

The old adage applies of ‘Garbage In vs Garbage Out’.

If you do not understand the fundamentals of how to set campaigns up correctly for testing, install pixels, create custom audiences, use the right type of budgeting, understand how to scale, know what metrics to look at, then the automation with never provide any positive results.

But when you do have this knowledge the automation is so much more powerful, stopping you from wasting so much time manually overseeing things.

Here is a basic summary of what the Power 5 method, which is a combination of 5 core tactics to drive the best CPA’s (cost per acquisition) possible.

  • Automatic Placements: Stop guessing which platforms work best as Facebook has all the data to quickly determine the best platforms to show your ads.
  • Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO): You can set the budget at the campaign level rather than setting an individual budget for each adset. This allows you to group together all the conversion data from the adsets and use this data at the campaign level, which means your campaigns can optimise much quicker.
  • Dynamic Ads: You can use multiple images, headlines, ad text, link descriptions, buttons etc within ONE adset. Facebook then creates different combinations to determine the ad combination that works the best. You can take the data from the winning combination and set up in a new campaign with a higher budget.
  • Auto-Advanced Matching: You can switch this on within your event settings. This allows your pixel to capture additional data (eg first name, last name, date of birth,gender)  to further improve the performance of your ads by increasing your custom audience size and it can help you to better measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns by capturing more attributed conversions.
  • Account Simplification: You can set up fewer campaigns, adsets, or ads, which reduces redundancy. You can run each of the above individually, but the real power is using a combination of all 5, resulting in getting your message in front of more of the right people, and improving your ROI in the process, and allows you to scale further.

Some advertisers are using the Facebook ad platform like the old switchboard operators, which is very inefficient.

The Power 5 frees up time so you can focus on the things that make the biggest impact in your advertising – which is the creative elements – images, headlines, text etc.

You can find out more about the Power 5 here. Be sure to check out some of the case studies on this link, to see some of the impressive results different businesses have had from using the Power 5.

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