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Last updated on October 22, 2019

#LinkedInHack This great LinkedIn Hack will show you how to comment on a post as your official company page rather than your personal profile.

Its all about personal connections right so

Why would you want to do that?

Well if you are in a corporate, run a Customer Services Team or are in Customer Services Role then there may well be times when it is appropriate to respond or comment on a post on behalf of the company.

It could also be used to attract more followers for your company page if the post you comment on is about a particular skill or service your company offers.

There is a quick and simple hack that allows you to switch from commenting on a post as your personal profile to your company profile.

Watch the video below to see how it is done and see the step by step instructions below that



Step 1:

Open up the post in a new tab

Step 2: 

Create and save an extension to add to the end of the URL using the following format

Find your company ID and add it to the end of the following:


To Find your company ID open up your Company page on LinkedIn and look for the unique identifying numbers:

You should then end up with something like this:  ?actorCompanyId=YourCompanyID

EG: Our unique Konnector code is: ?actorCompanyId=1359211213592112

A good practice would be to save that unique code so you can just copy and paste it each time you need to use it.

Step 3:

Paste the unique code to the end of the URL of the LinkedIn Post and refresh the screen.

You should now be able to comment as your company and your company page Logo and number of followers should show.

If someone hovers over the Company Name or Logo on desktop a popup will also show giving them the option of following your company

This is another great added bonus and can potentially lead to more people following your LinkedIn page.

We will certainly be testing this more often and seeing the impact it has on our followers and engagement.







About the Author

Glenn is the founder of Konnector and has an incredibly strong background in digital strategy as well as achieving and managing growth.He has grown a business from scratch to a $5mill+ turnover in a little over 3yrs. Worked in both SMB and corporate environments and understands what is needed to get things done in both environments.

Glenn Marvin