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We’ve all been burned in the past from a bad relationship. Been screwed over by someone who seemed trustworthy. A relationship that promised a lot, but soon fell to pieces and left you uncertain about trusting again. The online marketing industry is just the same.

Businesses have had bad relationships and failed campaigns which has led them to mistrust digital marketers as a whole. What’s happening is a divide in our industry. The good guys have been dragged down by the bad ones, and businesses don’t know where to find skilled and ethical online marketers anymore.

So how do you fix it? You’ve got to fix the relationships. You’ve got to connect great businesses with great marketers. That’s what Konnector is about. 

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What Is Konnector?
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an independent opinion where it’s needed

Say you’re a business owner looking for an AdWords service. You might search around the web for “best AdWords companies” but you can never be guaranteed they’re going to be trusted. And even if you do find a trusted agency, how can you know they’re the right fit? What Konnector does is match a business with the right agency. We find the right fit.

We understand that every business is different and needs an ethical partner that’s going to complement their brand when it comes to online marketing. And likewise, online marketers and consultants have different skills sets. Some are industry-specific and the volume of work they do might vary. That’s why it’s crucial to get the right match.

With our free service, we can connect you with trusted and ethical online marketing services for:

  • SEO
  • AdWords
  • Copywriting
  • Social
  • Graphic design
  • Branding
  • Mobile advertising
  • Digital strategy

What People Are Saying on Google

Google Rating
Thank you for the awesome SEO fundamentals workshop today Glenn! It was so helpful! I knew I needed to update my website but felt a bit stuck. You've given me the clarity I needed in terms of structure and SEO. The workshop was practical and fun. Totally worth attending!read more
Dani Simpson
Dani Simpson
00:41 28 Jun 18
As a new business owner I have often felt stuck and overwhelmed with looking after all that was needed to have a strong online presence. What was once taking me ages searching through different avenues to determine ranking and feedback (whilst not fully understanding all of the language) has now been replaced with a very simple system - Konnector. Everything I want to know is in one place - easy to understand and immediately actionable. It has become an important part of my business tool kit. Added to this is the connections to ethical providers of services. It has changed my business considerably and got me to places I was struggling to on my own. 100% more
Kiri Hider
Kiri Hider
07:15 05 Mar 18
I took part in Konnector's SEO Fundamentals Workshop, and the whole experience was great. Honest, no frills, practical advice that I am actioning myself to improve the web presence of the more
Joe Roberts
Joe Roberts
02:26 25 Jun 18
Clare Friedlander
Clare Friedlander
23:44 28 Jun 18
I attended the SEO fundamentals workshop and found it really informative, hands on and valuable. I came away with easy, practical activities to implement immediately to improve our website more
Linda Scott
Linda Scott
20:52 01 Jul 18
Glen and the Biz Story team put an excellent half day course together on Copywriting Pillar Page Strategy. Relevant, concise and easy to understand, I came away wiser and most importantly, enthused to implement the strategies on our own website immediately.Thanks Team :^)read more
Ron Mitchell
Ron Mitchell
20:41 18 Jul 18
I attended The SEO fundamentalists course which was great. I’m a complete novice but Glenn makes a sometimes overwhelming online world very easy to understand and I feel confident to implement the changes more
Vikki McColl
Vikki McColl
00:11 25 Jul 18
SEO has always been a grey area for me. I'm a lot less intimidated after this workshop, but I know there is still a lot of learning to be done. I appreciate Glenn's forthright nature and feel he is trying hard to impart value to all of us who attended. I doubt that this will be my last more
Rory Laubscher
Rory Laubscher
00:13 26 Jul 18
I attended a workshop facilitated by Glenn today - a fantastic experience. He was able to cut through the confusion surrounding some of the SEO fundamentals, allowing me the build better value in my website. Thanks Glenn, awesome morning!read more
Jason Aitkens
Jason Aitkens
04:19 21 Sep 18
I attended Glenn's SEO 1/2 day workshop in Queenstown, it was very useful and gave us great introductions into SEO. He tried his best to share all his secrets with us 🙂 thanks more
Elina Sandulescu
Elina Sandulescu
01:17 22 Sep 18
I attended Glenn's workshop today. He is an expert on Digital marketing and SEO. The content of the workshop was totally relevant to what I needed to get a better understanding of Digital marketing. Glenn presents in a very clear and easy to understand manner , and the workshop was really interesting. Definitely worthwhile more
Rod Marvin
Rod Marvin
03:41 22 Sep 18
Some seriously value here! Glenn knows his stuff! Highly Recommend!
Brent Norling
Brent Norling
04:44 04 Oct 18
E-commerce Success Event hosted by KonnectorNZ Team had a real-life Success! Great time at Icehouse with inspiring marketing minds: Amanda Sneddon from littleONES, Grant Johnson from Rocketspark, Todd Welling from Overdose Digital, Ash Parmar from Eightpm, and !sponsor! Sam Ter Haar from the Afterpay.What I liked the most during the event is the idea of democratized information - freely sharing and exchanging information among business community for growing together!read more
Elena Dyachenko
Elena Dyachenko
08:26 11 Oct 18
The 'Secrets To A Successful E-Commerce Business' seminar was pure gold with many take aways for me to consider or implement. Thank you Glenn and the team involved for this awesome opportunity to be educated, unskilled and inspired. Can't wait for the next one!read more
Diana Newcomb
Diana Newcomb
22:26 11 Oct 18
We had a great session with Glenn. Very informative and very well pitched in terms of taking out all the jargon, keeping it simple and giving a small number of key take-aways and "to-dos" that will make a significant impact on performance. Just have to get my A into G and get them done now!read more
Simon Green
Simon Green
22:20 14 Oct 18
Great resource! Fantastic decent people with some excellent knowledge.
I started working with Glenn on the Work For Whiskey program a while ago and the value was just mind blowing. I then attended on of his SEO courses to further my understanding of SEO which has transformed my business. Glenn knows his stuff and I can highly recommend Glenn and Konnector to anyone .read more
Dawie Otto
Dawie Otto
05:53 21 Oct 18
Glenn does a great job of explaining SEO in every day English. Really enjoyed the hands-on course. cheers!
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
03:39 29 Oct 18

How we select our partners

We’ve been in this industry a long time, so we know what quality is, and we know who to trust. That means when you ask for an SEO provider, you’re not just getting the one that’s helping businesses get to the top page on Google. You’re getting one that’s ethical, has the skills to suit your needs, and most importantly, is carefully selected by our team.

To make sure we’re only working with industry professionals who have their client’s best interests at heart, we follow a comprehensive review process:

  1. Review their quality of work
  2. Talk to existing and past clients
  3. Get feedback from others they’ve worked with and regularly review the quality of service clients are getting

We try our best to match businesses with the right online partners but we know nothing’s 100% guaranteed. Sometimes things don’t work out. If that happens, we’re not going to leave you out in the cold. We’ll be here to help you move forward and find a better match.

How we work with you

To get a trusted opinion, you’ve got to be independent. We’re not just trying to get our mates a job. That’s not what Konnector is about. We’re proud that this service we offer is free, honest and objective.

Now it is also important to say that there are lots of great businesses out there in our industry and we do not have relationships with all of them. Just because we do not have them on our website, it certainly does not mean they are unethical.

We need to be able to manage, monitor and maintain relationships with our marketing partners and as we grow we intend growing those relationships.

This is how our marketing match-making service works:

Get to know your business
That’s so we can understand where your business is coming from and where you want it to go. We talk to you and use our industry knowledge to find out what online marketing services you need and which consultant would be best suited to work with your business.

Find your match
Based off your needs (budget, goals, outcomes, service expectations, etc) we review our partners and connect them with you. We only work with ethical partners and carefully review each consultant to make sure they’re the right fit for you.

Ongoing support
After you’ve been matched with a partner, we can continue to be an advocate for you. We offer ongoing support and can facilitate monthly to annual strategy sessions to review your current marketing performance if you join the Konnector Community plan. And if you ever face challenges with any online marketing consultant, we’re the ones to turn to (even if they are not one we introduced you to). 

Why Konnector Exists

Why are we doing this? Time and time again, businesses have come to us to ask for advice, to connect them with ethical and trusted agencies throughout the whole industry. What they would say to us is that they don’t know who to trust. They’ve had a bad experience with an agency and feel like it’s risky to try again.

We decided enough was enough. We know there are great, trustworthy and skilled online marketers out there. And there are businesses that need them. What we set out to do with Konnector is match them up. To find the right fit for businesses and marketers alike.

So why is it free? Konnector is our way of raising the standard in the industry. We’re not just looking to make a buck, we’re looking to improve the whole industry and tackle the issues head on. But we’re not shy about being transparent. We charge our partners 15% of their management fee to be a part of the community. There is no “clipping of the ticket” or adding margin to your media costs and the fees you pay our partners are no more than if you went direct. It covers our costs, and that way we know we’re getting partners who are committed to the service.

Let’s match you with the right online marketing consultant