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Last updated on October 22, 2019

Remarketing is one of the most powerful things you can do, if it’s done right!

What’s The Main Purpose Of Producing

Content and Running Ads?

We can all agree that the aim is to make sales…but there are many steps before this that need to be strategically created and nurtured..

You need to build likeability, trust and value.

Like any good relationship, this does not happen magically overnight, or based on your first interaction.

It takes time – this is really important to understand…as marketing is a journey, using a combination of many different events to move people towards your ultimate goal – to positively impact lives and make sales of products and services that allow them to get results faster and easier than without you!

So why do most people go for the one hit wonder, trying to get a sale as quick as they can, when it comes to advertising?

Running one ad is a tactic. A strategy is where you strategical create multiple ads with a purpose – to build those relationship factors; likeability, trust and value.

Studies Have Shown That We Forget 75% Of

What We See After Only 24 Hours!

So, if someone comes into your store, or visits your website and leaves with the “I’m going to think about it” thought in their heads, you will be forgotten forever, unless you have a plan to get in front of them repeatedly.

This is where the remarketing, or retargeting comes in.

golf remarketing

The image above is a snippet from a new training module we are creating.

It illustrates how the remarketing process works. 

The initial step is what we call the ‘trigger event’. This is where we target cold audiences then move them along a strategic path, all designed to build likeability, trust and demonstrate value.

You can use story to create a strong bond between you, your business, and prospects. Story is so powerful which is why we run regular workshops taking clients through the story creation process. 

Additional ads can show case any awards, PR releases or testimonials which demonstrate how you have positively impacted other people’s lives.  

You can also use educational content, as better educated prospects and clients and develop a very clear picture of what they need to be doing and why.

The length of your average buying cycle will determine how many days you need your remarketing campaign to run (maximum is 180 days). 



Brainstorm and start mapping out the journey you want to take your potential customers and clients on. Get clear on what pieces of content you need at each stage, and the purpose of it. 

Make sure you have all your pixels set up to capture data which allows you to create the custom audiences for your targeting.

Jump in and start testing to find out what content resonates with your audience, then scale it out.


If you need help to get clarity around your advertising strategy, we can help create a step by step plan that is right for your business. Book in a free 20 minute brainstorming session to give you the clarity you’re looking for.



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