Where’s Your Blind Spot?

Last updated on January 29, 2020

We all face the pain of inaction.

Where we continually weigh up the costs and benefits regarding all the options we have available.

But most of us do not put a value on the time, energy and effort that we use up by revisiting that proposal, looking at the webpage offer again, buying a course thinking that we will put in the study required to gain the necessary skills…

What is the true cost of inaction for you?

If your last 12 month goal was to get to $20K per month, but you may have been stuck at $10K, why have you not made more than $10K?

What if 5 years passes you by and you’re still stuck and making well under $20K per month?

This would be a sign that you’re most likely doing the same things over and over again, but expecting, praying, hoping...that you get a different result.

What is the difference between what you want to earn and what you are earning multiplied over the number of years you have been stuck? 

This number would represent your cost of your inaction, in monetary terms. But in reality the cost is much more than that.

You could have neglected your friends and family (even divorce) since you are ‘trying’ to break through to another level with your current level of thinking. Your health may have dropped dramatically. Your confidence may be at an all time low. Your stress levels could be out of control. And yet you have nothing to show for this sacrifice.

The problem is that so many business owners do this and it doesn’t make sense.

It is like going to the gym and you want to leaner, fitter or have more muscle yet you continue the same workout that produced your current body.

To make things even worse, you may think that you just need to spend more time in the gym, so you now go 2 hours every day, performing your ineffective workouts for longer!

The latest research I have found in peer reviewed research showing that you only need to work out for 8 mins a day consisting of only 2 X 20 second high intensity sprints in that session.

With a 20-second sprint, you’re increasing your energy demand above rest substantially,” Lance says. “That’s a severe disruption to your homeostasis. And as a result of that, you’re putting in motion a variety of upregulation of metabolic pathways that allow you to provide energy that will regenerate ATP so that you can keep sprinting for 20 seconds. And the research is pretty clear that we’ve identified that minimum time that turns on these pathways, 20 seconds, two bouts a day, and that’s sufficient..

Lance Delleck


This is the total opposite approach to mainstream thought.

When I workout with weights, I do a super intense workout at a maximum of 30 minutes, and often less. I am dialled in, focused, and intense. I’m not sitting on my phone for 5 minutes between reps. 

I keep myself in great shape, I do not overtrain, and it flat out works.

Some radical results require a radical shake up of your current beliefs.

Do you think the likes of Richard Branson or Elon Musk have a different level of thinking to get where they are?

If they came to you for advice do you think you could help them?

What do you need right now to get from Point A to Point B?

Can you figure out what is holding you back?

If you have repetitive problems and don’t know how to fix them - you have a blind spot.

If you are getting in the way of your company's growth - you have a blind spot.

Here are the 3 major drivers of blind spots:

  1. You know what you don’t know
  2. You don’t know what you know
  3. You don’t know what you don’t know

You may have heard of these before but to elaborate on the lesser known number 2, “You don’t know what you know” you should check out the following study that shows we make decisions 7 seconds (yes - a whopping 7 seconds) before we think we made the conscious decision!


What can help you close the gap (the antidote for inaction)?

The learning-doing gap is the biggest downfall many of us face because information is at our fingertips.

So lack of information is never the problem.

New strategies and tools may be the answer.

Clarity, action and accountability may be exactly what you need as the antidote for inaction.

Find an expert who can assess your situation. They can look at your goals, where you currently are, help design the right bridge to get you moving towards the outcome you are looking for, and hold you accountable to get stuff done!

If you need help to get clarity around your advertising strategy, we can help create a step by step plan that is right for your business.

Book in a free 20 minute brainstorming session to give you the clarity you’re looking for.

About the Author

Chris is a Client Success Manager at Konnector working with a portfolio of clients to help them achieve their digital marketing and business goals.

His specialities include: Search Engine Optimisation, Online Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Growth Strategy Advice and Advertising Performance Improvement Techniques. Chris is certified in Google Ads and holds a Certificate in Digital Marketing from the Marketing Association of New Zealand.

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