Do You Know The No.1 Reason For Startup Failure?

Last updated on October 21, 2019

If you’re a business owner or in a position to help a business grow, then this started with a single thought.

And from that single thought, the labyrinth unfolds…

Everyone Is Responsible For Helping A Business Grow

Everyone should be contributing to the ‘hive mind’ of business to help it grow and secure a bright future.

To grow, you have to find a need.

Sidenote: This is crazy but the top reason why startups fail is because they have something that no one needs! The ‘Build it and they will come’ philosophy is obviously still alive and kicking!

When you find that need, you have to make people aware that they have a much bigger problem than they actually know.

Once they are aware of this problem, they need to know who can solve this problem for them.

At this stage of the marketing journey you need to build a multi layer marketing strategy that connects with them, builds your authority, positions you as someone they can trust, and you must have a damn good offer so that they will actually reach out to you.

There are so many aspects here that could be unpacked but I want to keep this on point.

When we ask our clients what they have tried they typically say they tried Facebook.

What Is Your Definition Of TRY?

Do you know how many definitions there are for the word try?

Try may mean set up an ad, spend $5, and hope that it works.

Try to someone else may mean they have more experience, create multiple adsets to test out various interests, set up multiple ads to test different images/headlines/CTA’s, and have a $100 budget to spend over 5 days for testing purposes and to buy data.

Can you see the massive difference here in the definition of ‘try’?

We look at so many accounts and I can tell you now that 99% of the time people have not tried at all.

The Good News Is That This Opens Up A HUGE Opportunity For You

Not just for Facebook, for any platform you want to advertise on.

The fundamentals and psychology are the same no matter where you go.

And the key is in knowing what to actually do in the first place!

We’re in the trenches every day, we live and breathe this stuff, we stay on top so we can help our clients in the best way we can.

Take the weight off your shoulders and let’s brainstorm some ideas about how to place your foot firmly in the digital marketing world before it’s too late.

Everyone keeps telling us they need Clarity, Direction and Accountability and that’s what we’ve got.

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P.S. If you come to the call expecting some hard core sales mastery, then you’ll be deeply disappointed. If we can help then great, if not we can point you in the right direction. No fluff, just good ole Kiwi’s offering honest to goodness expert help!


About the Author

Chris is a Client Success Manager at Konnector working with a portfolio of clients to help them achieve their digital marketing and business goals.

His specialities include: Search Engine Optimisation, Online Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Growth Strategy Advice and Advertising Performance Improvement Techniques. Chris is certified in Google Ads and holds a Certificate in Digital Marketing from the Marketing Association of New Zealand.

Chris Ogles