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Who Knew There Was A Chrome Extension For That!

If you love simple things that can help improve your life – then there’s probably an extension for that!

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If You Don’t Do This You Will Never Make Sales…

The truth is, no matter how good your product or service is, it will not sell itself.

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The 5 Stages Of Awareness

When you can clearly identify the stages of awareness your prospects are at, you can increase your chances of making a great first impression.

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How To Reverse Engineer An Offer [9 Step Guide]

ONE powerful offer can be all it takes for a business to have a breakthrough.

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Are You Ignoring 96% Of Your Prospects?

96% of people who first come to your website will not buy. So what can you do to re-engage them?

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5 Things To Boost Landing Page Conversions

The best way to increase performance of your ads is to look for ways to boost conversion rates on your landing pages.If you have low conversion rates and poor metrics, this will negatively impact the advertising

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The Story Behind the Konnector Digital Marketing Consultancy

My Uncle was my childhood hero. He was a career cop that lived and breathed the job because he loved helping people and doing the right thing.That was back in the day when being a Police Officer was a

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The Real Google Assistant Opportunity – I will get My Bot to Call Your Bot

One of the biggest announcements at Google i/O this week was the upcoming enhancements to  the Google Assistant including Google Duplex. 

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Rawdon Christie on Reputation Management

Interview: Rawdon Christie, One of NZ’s most beloved TV Presenters, MC, Public Speaker and Media Trainer and Reputation Management Coach.Rawdon is an award-winning broadcaster with twenty years’

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