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Where’s Your Blind Spot?

We all face the pain of inaction.Where we continually weigh up the costs and benefits regarding all the options we have available.But most of us do not put a value on the time, energy and effort that we

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Are You Ignoring 96% Of Your Prospects?

96% of people who first come to your website will not buy. So what can you do to re-engage them?

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Do You Know The No.1 Reason For Startup Failure?

If you’re a business owner or in a position to help a business grow, then this started with a single thought.

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I’m Giving You These 3 Bags…

If I gave you 3 bags full of Time, Energy and Money at the start of the day, how would you spend them?

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The Story Behind the Konnector Digital Marketing Consultancy

My Uncle was my childhood hero. He was a career cop that lived and breathed the job because he loved helping people and doing the right thing.That was back in the day when being a Police Officer was a

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Kevin Biggar on The Mindset of Failure

Interview: Kevin Biggar on his life as an adventurer, author, speaker and business coach with particular insights on the mindset surrounding failure.  Kevin was a strategy consultant with The Boston

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8 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Run An Ultra Marathon

I have recently completed the Alps to  Ocean Ultra Marathon. A 330km foot race in New Zealand from the base of Mt Cook in the heart of the Southern Alps to the historic town of Oamaru.The race is staged

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Contestants finishing the colour run race

The Color Run; a Marketing Consultants Dream

I am an avid runner and spend hundreds (don’t tell my wife but more like thousands) of dollars each year on race entry fees, shoes and specialist running gear.

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Matt Gagnon Life Coach Interview

Interview: LinkedIn Superstar LifeStory Coach Matt Gagnon.With a specialty focus in social media, specifically with LinkedIn, Matt built a network with over 20,000 connections, having built 70% of his

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Art Green on Growing a Business Using Influencer Marketing

Interview: Art Green on Life as an Influencer and growing his Clean Food based businesses. Art Green is still best known for his breakout role as New Zealand’s first Bachelor on the hit reality

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