Small Business Support Program

During the Lockdown Period we Have decided to Take Our Offer of Support To The Next Level We have yet

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Support for small businesses

Facebook Is Helping Small Businesses…

There are plenty of great businesses who are showing their true colours in this time of need, when it comes

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7 Steps to Prepare for the Recession

​The announcement yesterday from Jacinda Ardern around travel restrictions and the requirement for all travellers other than those coming from

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Why Nofollow Links can help your SEO

No business wants to be on the second page of search engine results. One reason for rankings not improving is

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Can You Really Create A 4 Hour Work Week?

Have you ever heard of the 4 Hour Work Week?This was a masterful promotional campaign that was created to launch

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Konnector Diaries Vol 7

2020 Started with a big stuff up on my return but we are looking very strong from here on through.I

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I Make Cookie’s Disappear. What’s Your Superpower?

On January 14th 2020, according to a blog post by Justin Schuh, director of Chrome engineering at Google, announced Google’s

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Are Your Marketing Campaigns In The Right Order?

When it comes to many things in life there is a commonly known order to doing everyday things.If it was

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Quick Ways To Find & Repurpose Content

Creating quality content can be hard and very time consuming. But there is a way to get so much more

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