Why You Need To Use Landing Pages

Last updated on October 22, 2019

If you’re sending any traffic or visitors to your home page, then this is killing your conversions and increasing your advertising costs.

The game of marketing is all about maths.

Conversions are what we all want, and to get these conversions at a lower cost of the product or service you offer.

Pretty simple.

We have conducted a lot of marketing audits and we often see people sending traffic from an ad on Facebook or Google to the homepage of their website.

Why would this be an issue?

Most homepages are an overview of everything you offer.

If you are a business coach, it may say that you have coaching, proposal writing, virtual marketing officer, web design services etc.

There are so many things to choose from.

When someone lands on your homepage it has not been designed in a way to get them to only take one form of action, as they can click around and find out more information about all the different services you offer.

An effective ad should only be focusing on one thing. It could be to book a call, download a report, or view a specific deal for a particular product.

The ad should be super tight and tie itself it in the destination page. We call this ‘carrying the scent’.

You want to carry the scent of the ad so when they click on the link in the ad and arrive at a landing page, it has the same messaging about it, and it makes sense.

Here’s an example:

Ad: Save 25% off this spy movie raincoat…

Destination page message: Welcome to Lilly’s General Store

The above does not have a good match. They read an ad about red raincoats and now arrive on a general page which could have 5, 10 or 100 different general products.

Now picture this.

Ad: Save 25% off this spy movie red raincoat…

Destination page message: Get 25% off this season’s latest spy movie red raincoat

When the visitor arrives on a great landing page that ties into the ad, they may stay on the page longer and increase conversions vs bouncing out and exiting the page since the scent was weak.

Note:  I used the example of the spy movie red raincoat because the company that sells these products is a huge success. Have you ever watched Seinfeld? Elaine worked for a company called J Peterman and the owner is very interesting, but they write individual copy to uniquely describe each product. Go and check them out when you have a chance (J Peterman).

Ad platforms like Facebook and Google take so many different metrics into consideration to determine whether their users have a good experience, and the higher the bounce rate, the higher your advertising costs will be as you are penalised.

Facebook and Google then offer your advertising spot to another advertiser for a lower cost that have better metrics.

Everything matters when it comes to marketing and using landing pages is a great way to start improving your marketing results.

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About the Author

Chris is a Client Success Manager at Konnector working with a portfolio of clients to help them achieve their digital marketing and business goals.

His specialities include: Search Engine Optimisation, Online Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Growth Strategy Advice and Advertising Performance Improvement Techniques. Chris is certified in Google Ads and holds a Certificate in Digital Marketing from the Marketing Association of New Zealand.

Chris Ogles